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Membership - 2023


Day Pricing


Junior - $5.00

Senior - $20.00


Annual Pricing

Junior - $25.00

Senior - $110.00


Association Rules of Membership
  • Membership is a privilege not a right. Application for which shall be made on forms and by fees and procedures prescribed by RSA (Rodeo Services Association Inc.)


  • Membership may be terminated or rejected by RSA for causes detrimental to the sport of rodeo and/or other members of the RSA.


  • Day members shall be subject to and abide by all event rules and any disciplinary proceedings conducted and orders made by RSA.


  • Fees are determined by RSA and may be altered from time to time by RSA.


  • A competitor who competes without paying his or her membership fees or entry fees shall be fined $50.00 for each time he or she competes in such a manner and may forfeit all prizemoney won.


  • Decisions by RSA will be final.


  • Four classes of contest are sanctioned.  Open, novice, junior and ladies.


  • Promotors wishing to limit entries in events may restrict events to open competitors only, providing that such restrictions are advised well before closing date of entry.


  • All results and prizemoney payouts, plus a copy of judge’s sheets


  • Administration, insurance and central entry levy will be collected by the committee and forwarded to RSA head office with any day membership on the first working day after the event.


Suspension of Members
  • RSA shall at all times maintain the good name of RSA, the sport of rodeo and the good conduct of its members.


  • Should any complaint be made to RSA as to the good name of the RSA, the sport of rodeo or conduct of members the RSA shall have the power to investigate, hear and determine appropriate action of such complaints.


  • Any member who is subject to a complaint shall be given reasonable time to explain and defend such a complaint.


  • Should a fine and/or a suspension be imposed under a member, he or she shall not participate in any RSA sanctioned events until such fines and/or suspensions are settled.


  • Reciprocal agreement with all national rodeo council member associations prevent a suspended member from competing at any rodeo sanctioned by these associations also.


  • Fighting or abusing any official or committee member is a serious offence.


  • Fighting in a rodeo town before, during and after the promotion will be considered an offence.


Automatic fines
  • Competing without paying membership or entry fees - $50.00


  • Turnout after draws – full entry fee less add back money


  • Dishonoured cheque - $25.00 first offence, $50.00 second offence.  After two (2) dishonoured cheques all entry fees must be paid in cash.


  • Abuse or harassment of judges or officials – minimum of $50.00.


  • Entry fees on all events entered must be paid unless medical or visual turn out.  On medical or visual turn outs full entry fees less add back must be paid.  Cancel of entry or turn outs on medical, competitors must produce a medical certificate.


  • A competitor who cancels or turns out on a medical certificate cannot compete for 10 days from the date of the rodeo from which he/she cancelled.


  • Competitors are only allowed three (3) medicals and three (3) visual turn outs in each rodeo year.


  • The promotor reserves the right to reject the entry of any contestant who has violated any rules, or who has been dishonest in other events, or who has proven to be undesirable in any recognised rodeo event.


  • Such rejections must be submitted in writing to RSA or representative for approval and decisions of RSA shall be final.


  • A stock levy shall be charged by the committee on all events except barrel racing.


  • The amount of stock levy to be sanctioned by RSA depending on promotor’s prize money.
    Maximum of:  $20.00 Rough stock | $10.00 Time Event Stock

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